Mohd Bahrulnizam Hj Musa

General Manager / Principal Consultant (Petroleum Engineering/ Economics)

  • Holds MEng. Petroleum Engineering (Imperial College, UK); 19 years experience including operating and studying oil & gas fields offshore Malaysia (PM, SB and SK) and international assets
  • Proficient in Well Production Enhancement (natural flow, GL, ESP & PCP assisted) - PLT analysis, production allocation, well diagnostics, well rejuvenation, BCO candidate, design PBU, PLT & CTU jobs, RFT/MDT, infill well and workover (WSO, cement squeeze and re-perforation) jobs; ESP & PCP operations
  • Experience in Exploration & Development Drilling Operations - open hole & cased hole loggings, well drilling & completion, coring, downhole and surface fluid samplings, well clean ups, oil and gas well & field start ups
  • Proficient in Network Modelling (IPM) - MBAL/PROSPER/GAP analysis and optimization
  • Experience in Reservoir Management Advisory Roles - formulate frameworks and methodologies for performance gap analyses (reservoir-to-onshore terminal) and Water Injection (WI) assessment & RMP guidelines
  • Reservoir Simulation Expert - studies for history matching & prediction, FDPs and FFRs for oil & gas reservoirs, IOR (WI, GI, WAG) & EOR (miscible gas) evaluations and RMP revisions; integrating core analysis, pressure transient analysis and PVT analyses results into the studies
  • Proficient in Petroleum Economics - project costing, fiscal terms, economics and sensitivity analyses for FDP, business and operational decisions & asset acquisition recommendation
  • Expert Trainer - coach & mentoring new Engineers & clients’ secondees, conducted classroom trainings and adjunct lecturer & industry examiner at local universities






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