EQ consultants are highly qualified and industry recognized professionals with worldwide experience which includes Geophysicists, Geologists, Geomodelers, Sedimentologists, Stratigraphers, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Production Engineers, Simulation Engineers, Drilling Engineers, Facilities Engineers, Petroleum Economists, Application Software Specialists

EQ has also developed strong technical alliances worldwide, which include other consulting companies, technology providers, technical software providers, laboratory services, and universities. EQ also has access to services from its associate companies,which include E&P data management, flow assurance and geological laboratory services,gyroscope survey, seismic data acquisition, survey and navigation, site survey and shallow seismic, geotechnical survey and engineering, and mud logging.


EQ is equipped with the latest industry standard software and hardware.

Technical software in use includes Geosciences:Petrel,Kingdom,RMS,VoxelGeo,WellCAD / CoreCad. Petrophysics: GEolog,PDPlot. Engineering:Petrel RE,ECLIPSE 100,ECLIPSE300, Reo, Mbal, Prize, WellFlo, Prosper, Saphir, Pansyst, PVTI, PVTP, Compass, WellPlan, Hysys, Flowsim, Pipesim.

Hardware includes workstations, servers, tape drives, plotters,scanning devices,digitizing system,and up-to-date data security system. EQ will invest in more software, hardware and infrastructure to meet the changing requirements and market demand.