Sound investment decisions are based on proficient technical and business analysis, which cover the project costs, benefits and risks.


EQ’s Team of Professionals are equipped with the experience to conduct the Technical and Commercial Assessment required to quantify Asset value and also provide Key Economic Indicators for the Client to make informed decisions ahead of the investment.


Appropriate resources (Geoscientists, Petrophysicists, Engineers, Economist) are allocated based on the level of study designed to meet Client’s needs, to extract all relevant and pertinent technical and commercial information.


Fit-for-purpose economic models are then designed to appreciate the geological and engineering components, constructed to reflect the diverse petroleum arrangement and fiscal terms in order to assess the key economic parameters used in investment decision making.


Track Record

Asset Evaluation for Block A, Russia

The asset evaluation for Block A involved data review and due diligence work conducted in view of Client’s potential participation in the asset. EQ’s team of Geoscientist, Petrophysicist, Reservoir Engineer and Economist conducted due diligence and technical assessment which included:

  • Data screening, review & analysis to determine asset viability.
  • Field site visit.
  • Geological, Petrophysical, Reservoir engineering and Commercial evaluation.
  • Resource & reserves assessment and verification.
  • Identifying the likely development scenarios & generating sensitivity cases based on key economics parameters.
  • Identifying technical & investment/ financial risks & uncertainties.


Asset Evaluation for Block B, Acheh Indonesia

The asset evaluation for Block B in Aceh focused on the Areal Development Plan (ADP) for the area, which comprises seven prospects. Based on the screening economics, four of the seven prospects were evaluated to be viable. In the ADP proposed, the location of one primary prospect is recommended to be the central processing facilities (CPF) to cater for oil processing and storage and also serve as the export facilities. Oil production from the other prospects are connected to the CPF via pipelines.

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